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05:55:41 pm

Report: Kim Kardashian's Mobile Game Is Adding More Kardashian Spawn - Yahoo News

Kanye. Kardashian does not go as far as announcing the news; however, an uploaded still from the mobile game appears to show the figures of the teenage Jenner siblings, turquoise-tipped hair and all. You can check that out in the photo below. The one on the right is just 17, so you may want to wipe your hard drive after reading this.

Kim Kardashian Tongues Kanye West

Kim Kardashian Tongues Kanye West Gossip Cop 3 hrs ago By Shari Weiss /Twitter Kim Kardashian Tongues Kanye West (PIC) Kim Kardashian tongues Kanye West in a new photo she shared on Twitter on Wednesday night after the Brit Awards. In the intimate snapshot, West has his head bowed as Kardashian sticks her tongue out, touching the side of the rappers mouth. Kardashian captioned the image, #KimKAllDay, which quickly became a trending topic on Twitter as the picture was retweeted and favorited again and again. The hashtag appears to be a reference to Wests new song, All Day. As Gossip Cop reported, the musician debuted the track at Wednesdays Brit Awards, where Kardashian introduced his performance. The song is anexpletive-laden kiss-off, though West previously used the all day phrase in relation to Kardashian when her naked Paper photos came out last fall. West tweeted the nude magazine cover and wrote #ALLDAY. Kardashian also posted several pictures from the Brit Awards, including ones taken while her husband was on stage.

Williams Drafts Bill to Quash Kardashian-Style Weddings

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Khloe Kardashian Gets "Ego Boost" When Lady at Starbucks Asks to Take Pic of Her "So Perfect" Booty - Yahoo Celebrity

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are enjoying their time across the pond. The selfie-obsessed reality star, 34, introduced her rapper hubby, 37, at the 2015 Brit Awards on Wednesday, Feb. 25, before living it up in the audience with several A-list pals. PHOTOS: Kimye's sweetest moments West debuted his new single "All Day" along with a massive posse of dancers on a tilted stage. After he performed for the crowd, North West's dad returned to his wife in the audience, even snapping some pictures with stars like Sam Smith and Taylor Swift.

Khlo Kardashian's Waist Looks Terrifyingly Tiny?but She's Ready to Take on the World!

Online 4 hrs ago Natalie Finn Instagram Khloe Kardashian Move over, Wonder Woman: Khloe Kardashian and her whiz-bang-pow waist shaper are here! She's not the first Kardashian sister to be "waist-training," but she does appear to be the first one to be doing so in a corset belt printed with comic book images. No wonder she feels like a superhero! "I am obsessed with my new waist shaper from@premadonna87!!!

Kim Kardashian Licks Kanye West's Face, Parties With Taylor Swift - Us Weekly

As it stands in Santa Barbara, the maximum fine is $100 for a first offense. Under AB 514 which the county is supporting the maximum fine would be 10 times the cost of the permit. The Montecito homeowner who hosted Kim Kardashians 2011 wedding was fined $100 after the event, which drew 300-plus guests, tons of neighbor complaints, and hours oftraffic.

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